HTML to PDF API with
Print CSS Support

Use our HTML to PDF API if you want more than just a REST Service version of the Print to PDF Browser function. With the support of the three rendering tools, WeasyPrint, PagedJS, and Vivliostyle, you can make full use of CSS Paged Media!

PrintCSS Cloud Sample Request

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We provide API access via RapidAPI, a widely used API Marketplace.

PDFs Rendered

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Running Headers and Footers

This feature is supported by two of the three rendering tools, WeasyPrint and PagedJS. Have a look at a sample document on

Counters and Cross References

CSS counters and the target-counters property can be used with WeasyPrint and Vivliostyle; again, there is a sample document on

Page Margin Boxes

16 Page Margin Boxes are waiting for your content with all three rendering tools on the website, have a look on to see how this is working.


Does your PDF need footnotes? Then it would be best if you rendered with Vivliostyle; this renderer offers basic footnote support. See a sample on the PrintCSS Playground.

Page Selectors and Page Breaks

Best support for page selectors like @page:blank you get with WeasyPrint, but no worries, the other tools support the basics too! See it in action on the PrintCSS Playground.

JavaScript Support

PagedJS and Vivliostyle both handle JavaScript just like your browser would do. Why? Because they also use a headless Chromium in the background but have a layer on top to support the modern CSS Paged Media features.

Pricing Plans

If you are not sure whether the PrintCSS Cloud is the right tool for your project, you can try it out for free on the PrintCSS Playground as the playground is already using the PrintCSS Cloud. Select either WeasyPrint, PagedJS, or Vivliostyle as a rendering tool and try out your use cases.


Perfect for small projects or just to try out the power of PrintCSS Cloud.

$14 /mo

Get an BASIC Account

What's included

  • 250 API Requests
  • $0.100 per additional API Request


The right solution if you have to generate more PDFs for your projects.

$34 /mo

Get an PRO Account

What's included

  • 750 API Requests
  • $0.080 per additional API Request


Enough requests to start a new business.

$64 /mo

Get an ULTRA Account

What's included

  • 3000 API Requests
  • $0.060 per additional API Request


Have a lot of HTML documents to convert? We have you covered.

$124 /mo

Get an MEGA Account

What's included

  • 12000 API Requests
  • $0.040 per additional API Request

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between PrintCSS Cloud and other HTML to PDF APIs?

Other HTML to PDF APIs usually use a headless Chromium (Puppeteer) with minimal CSS Paged Media support. Most of them support the @page rule and nothing else.

Can I influence the version of the rendering tool?

No. You will always get the latest stable version of the rendering tool you choose in your API request.

How do I embed images?

There are two ways to include your images in the PDF either you have the images available via a public URL or provide a base64 encoded ZIP file within the requests body. The ZIP file is the preferred way as you do not need to provide your assets elsewhere.

Is my data secure? How long are you storing my data?

The data transfered via the API does not get stored, but is processed at the time of the request. The data will be removed as soon as the PDF has been delivered.

Why would I use your API instead of installing the tools myself?

You can, of course, use any of these rendering tools on your servers. However, installation and maintenance of such applications can be time and cost consuming. PrintCSS Cloud helps save efforts and costs through its end-to-end functionality, which comes packaged in economically priced packages that suit your needs.

Are you available for template creation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide that service at the moment. However, please post your requests and we will try to accommodate them.

Get Help in the Knowledge Base

We have set up a Knowledge Base where we answer the most common questions regarding the PrintCSS Cloud API.

Support via E-Mail/Ticket

Prefer emails or a ticketsystem? No issues, we do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Find out more about Print CSS

To learn more about Print CSS, have a look at our other pages.